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  • タコ星人




Our mission …. We may have finally found …. Now we are orbiting …. It seems that our assumption was correct!


問1 の質問には、
What was the purpose of the explorers’ journey?
と「複数形」のexplorers が使われているのだが、この辺りは受験生は気にならなかったのだろうか、と心配します。この問いに該当する日誌の記述は当然、DAY 1 の、

We may have finally found a planet capable of supporting life. The nearby planets were either too hot or too dry to support life, but this planet seems to be different.


問2では、… observing the planet from space とあるので、まだ、”dive’ する前のDAY 4 の段階の記述を該当箇所として読むべきだとわかります。
They were certainly made by some kind of intelligent beings.

問3 は、受験生が知らないであろう、語句やイディオムを文脈から類推させることが「建前」の問題なので、「空所補充」で解くべき問題です。なまじ、reservation という語句に馴染みがあるがために、自分の記憶やイメージに引きずられて墓穴を掘った人も多かったのではないかと。
辞書通りの意味だと、形容詞で人の性質などを現す reserved に対応する名詞なので、形容詞としての意味、

(adj) having or showing self-restraint (World Book Dictionary)

を踏まえた上で、reservations という「複数形」の意味合いで、

a feeling of uncertainty about a project, principle, etc. Freq. in pl.(Shorter Oxford Dictionary)

Are the leaders of this planet hiding from us?
とあるので、ここでは、about meeting us に対して、消極的〜否定的な意味のことばが入る、と思えれば十分でしょう。

問4は、いきなり「日誌の主」の description を求める設問。
DAY 8 の記述で、

Unlike our planet, which is totally covered with the precious liquid that sustain us, ….

また、DAY 9 の記述に、

Without arms, these swimming creatures wouldn’t be able to build complex machines even if they were smart.

というタイプ2の conditionalsが使われているので、この「主」は、腕があり、高度な知性で複雑な機械が作れる生命体ということがわかるでしょう。
そして、重要な情報がDAY 19に。

We were especially surprised to find one that looked very similar to us. The upper part of its body was round and soft. Underneath that were two large eyes and several long arms. It escaped quickly, leaving a cloud of black substance.


問5の該当箇所は、 抜粋の最終日に当たるDAY 40でしょう。

We, creatures living in liquid, had never imagined creatures like them! Floating safely in our ship’s liquid, we realized that our common sense had led us to the wrong conclusion.




で、Sci-fi がリーディングマテリアルで出題されていますかね?


Underneath Raccoon City exists a genetic research facility called the Hive, owned by the Umbrella Corporation. A thief steals the genetically engineered T-virus and contaminates the Hive with it. In response, the facility's artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, seals the Hive and kills everyone inside.

Alice awakens naked in the bathroom of a deserted mansion with amnesia. She dresses, checks the mansion, and is subdued by an unknown person. A group of Sanitation Team commandos led by James Shade breaks into the mansion and arrests Matt Addison, who just transferred as a cop in Raccoon P.D. The group travels to the underground train under the mansion that leads to the Hive, where they find Spence. The commandos explain that everyone in the group except Matt is an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, and Alice and her partner Spence are security guards for a Hive entrance under the disguise of a couple living in the mansion. Five hours prior, the Red Queen had shut down the entire facility and released a gas which killed everyone inside, flooded the labs, and destroyed the elevators, also causing Spence and Alice's amnesia.

At the Queen's chamber, a laser defense system kills Shade and three more commandos. Despite the Red Queen's urgent pleas for the group to leave, Kaplan disables the Red Queen systems, and the power fails, opening all of the doors in the Hive. This releases the zombified staff and containment units containing Lickers. When everyone regroups, they are ambushed by a horde of zombies and a gunfight ensues. J.D. perishes as the group becomes overwhelmed. A bitten Rain retreats with Kaplan and Spence; Matt becomes separated from Alice, who starts regaining her memories.

この英文はウイキペディア英語版の 映画 “バイオハザード (Resident Evil)” (1996年作品)のあらすじです。


Moominmamma and Moomintroll are travelling through a dark and scary forest looking for Moominpappa, who has gone off adventuring with the Hattifatteners. They meet a little creature, who joins them (in later books he is named Sniff). They use a glowing tulip to light their way, and are attacked by a giant serpent whilst crossing a swamp. They are saved when a beautiful young girl with shining blue hair called Tulippa emerges from the tulip and scares the serpent away.

They later arrive at a mountain and find the home of an old man, who invites them to live in his garden, which is made entirely of sweets. However, when they find out that the sun is really a giant lamp and there's no real food, they leave and continue their journey, travelling through the mountain to the beach on the other side. On the beach, Moominmamma gets attacked by an ant-lion, but Moomintroll and the others manage to save her. Deciding to move on, they come across a group of Hattifatteners about to set sail on a boat, and join them. A storm strikes, but a sea-troll helps them out and navigates the boat to a large harbour where they go ashore.

こちらは、同じくウィキペディアの英語版から、The Moomins and the Great Flood (1954年作品) のあらすじです。



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