”What is it that I’ll be achieving?”



北海道 2016年スクリプト

Last month I had three-day work experience at a hospital.
First, the doctor and the nurses told me about their jobs. And I helped them by talking with sick people and taking them to their beds. I was very glad when I saw their smiles. Then, a nurse showed me around the hospital building. She said doctors and nurses are not the only workers in hospitals and many other jobs help sick people there too.

On the last day, I worked with an old man taking care of the hospital garden. When I was helping him, he said he likes his job because sick people in the hospital look happy when they see the beautiful garden.

At first I didn't think the garden was important for helping sick people, but after talking with him, I found his job also makes them happy. Through this experience, I learned each job in hospitals is important and helps sick people in different ways.
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都立国際 2016
Welcome to the Animal Tour Bus. Hi, my name is Kelly and I will be your guide today.
Our tour is one of the most popular tours in the world. More than ten thousand people from all over the world visit our park every month. There are about five hundred different kinds of animals in the park. Our park is the second largest natural park in the country.
Before we begin, I'd like to tell you some rules we would like you to keep during the tour today.
First, please do not eat anything on the bus. Before the tour starts, please put any food you have in this box, animals will come near you if they see that you have food.
Next, please keep children under six away from the windows because it is very dangerous. The bus sometimes shakes very much. Please keep your arms and legs inside the bus at all times, and don't stand up while it is moving.
Also, please turn off any sounds from your phone because animals will be surprised at the phone sounds.
However, you can use your phone to take pictures and movies. And please wear the caps that we are passing out now, especially when you get off the bus to rest. If you need any help during the tour, please raise your hand. The tour is going to start soon. We hope you enjoy it.
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Welcome to the Forest Bus Trip. My name is Mike. I'm very happy we have many people on the bus. Today we will go into the forest, so you will see such animals as birds, monkeys, deer, and foxes. There are over 50 animals. The trip takes about 30 minutes. Before we start, I’m going to tell you some important rules. First, this is a long trip, so you can eat and drink in the bus. Second, some animals will come near the bus, but please don’t give any food to them and please don’t put your hands out of the windows. Of course, you cannot get off the bus. Third, don’t stand up while the bus is moving because the bus may stop suddenly. Any questions? Now, let’s go!
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Welcome to the Forest Bus Trip. My name is Mike, your guide today. I’m very happy we have so many people on the bus who are interested in wildlife.
Today we will go into the forest, where you can see a variety of animals: birds, monkeys, deer, and foxes. Sorry for you, but we do not have any lions or tigers. No elephants or giraffes. There are over 50 kinds of animals, though. The forest is so large that the trip takes about 90 minutes.
Before we start, I’m going to tell you some rules here. If you don’t follow these rules, you may risk your life. So listen very closely.
First, do not get off the bus until we get back. Animals, even small birds, may attack you if they feel threatened.
Second, some animals will come near the bus, but please don’t open the windows. You may not put your hands out of the windows or give any food to them.
Third, this is a long trip but we do not have a bathroom on board. There is no public bathroom along the course. Please make sure you go to the bathroom before departure.
Fourth, keep seated while the bus is moving. We drive safe but the bus may stop suddenly.
Any questions? Now, let’s go and enjoy the forest!
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英語の表現で crucial という語が出てきたので、”AAO” について語っておく良い機会だからと、2009年の所謂「長文読解」、第6問の英文を読むことに。






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この「…もどき」の出題は、センター試験では測定することのかなわない「ライティング」の代替出題と考えれば、テクストタイプで、narrative, descriptive, argumentative をカバーすることが望まれますから、この年のような「定義」を扱う議論というのは非常に面白かったとは思いますけれど、多分、不評だったんでしょうね。生徒には、もうセンター試験はなくなることが分かっているんだから、何が出題されても慌てないように、とは言っています。


本日のBGM:Fair Share of Breathing (Paul Heaton + Jacqui Abbott)