And the ”star” looked very different today.


昨日のDavid Bowieの訃報から、自宅でも、車中でも、人のいない準備室でも "Space Oddity" をずっと聴いていたのですが、喪失感が徐々に大きくなってきたので、午後は「新鮮な空気を求めに」行きました。

立ち寄った、あるセレクトショップでは、アナログで “Ziggy Stardust” がかかっていて、店主さんは私よりも下の世代だと思うのですが、「ああ、ここにも星の輝きは届いているのだな」と思いました。

このブログの、過日の「最後に聴きたい曲」企画にも選ばれていないことでもお分かりのように、私にとってのDavid Bowieというのは、自分の十代、二十代で「嵌まった」とか「のめり込んだ」とかいうアーチストではありません。ただ、私が好きになった、影響を受けたアーチストの多くが、多大なる影響を受けていて、奇しくも綿内克幸さんがFBで言っていたように、それはもうDNAのように自分の身体に染みているのだと思います。


「呟き」のタイムラインでも、追悼のことば (words of tribute) がたくさん流れて行きました。

The Divine Comedy のニール・ハノン

“I, like the rest of the music loving world, am in shock this morning. David Bowie was not just a true creative original, but a composer of genius and a singer of emotional and technical perfection. We shall never see his like again.”

Billy Bragg

Bowie was the only pop star from my schooldays who wasn't dismayed by punk. It inspired him and he inspired it. A truly transcendent artist.

元Soft CellのMarc Almond。

It's not often I truly cry at the loss of an artist but I'm devastated. He meant so much. Goodbye David Bowie and our youth. We loved you. X

自身のサイトで次のようにコメントを残しているのは、Ian Hunter。

“David wrote some wonderful songs. I was lucky enough to sing one of them – and it changed my life. My heart goes out to his wife, son and daughter. R.I.P. David.”
– Ian Hunter

元ユーリズミックスのAnnie Lennox。

Like a gazillion other people, I feel stunned by the news that David Bowie has departed this earth.
At the loss of someone who has impacted and influenced your life, you can hardly begin to measure the shape of what’s left behind.
Our personal and collective inner landscape has shifted and we’re trying to come to terms with it.
No one exists forever and it seems our elegant gentleman was well aware that his last mortal chapter was about to reach it's conclusion.
"Blackstar" was his parting gift.
Provocative and nightmarishly “otherworldly”… we are jolted towards the twilight realms of epileptic seizures and voodoo scarecrows.
The bejewelled remains of Major Tom lie dormant in a dust coated space suit…
It leaves me breathless.
You must see it to believe it…
He knew…
He could see through it all.


本日のBGM: All the young dudes & Heroes (David Bowie+Mick Ronson+Queen+Ian Hunter at Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992)