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Artist : The Beautiful South
Title: Prettiest Eyes

The song is not sad because gentle words healed my heart./ I think this song sings about the life history of the hero or his friend’s. / This song uses some words relating animals. For example, the horse and crow./ I think the singer is angry. Though this melody is very hot, the lyrics are very sad./ I couldn’t understand why the “you” frown./ The voice of this singer is the most gentle of all the songs we learned in this class. / We lost someone and remember this person./ I feel that singer yearn for the past./ I thought this song was an easygoing song. The lyrics and the tune both tell me so because it sings about the things like “wrinkles,” “sixty 25th Decembers” and so on./ The voice is very clear. The introduction is very impressive./ This song is about the past, but it doesn’t have a feel of sadness. Judging from the part, “you’ll never hear the crack of a frown,” the author and the “you” were in perfect union./ The “I” preach the “you” something. The “I” comfort the “you.”/ I thought it is about memories of a husband and a wife./ I think “time” is important in this song. I don’t understand the relationship between frown and hate./ This man is “your” best friend, but they parted in many years ago. This man went to some place and met the “you” for the first time in many years. / I felt this song was about an old couple’s memory. They are remembering all the things that they did./ The song is about a couple getting better and better as they get older. I think the number of wrinkles figuratively shows how much they love each other./This song is really melodious./ The song has both slow tempo and quick tempo, and I like it. / This is an amazing song./ This song makes me feel peaceful./ I think the theme of the song is the passing time./ It’s like they are singing about their wonderful time they have shared. But I can’t understand why they used 4th of July./
The singer has very soft voice.// This song is about memories of a father and his child./ This song has a strange melody. I wonder what “you should die” means./ The gentle voice of the singer brings his tenderness./
When I heard the song, I felt it was a tender song, but at the same time, I felt something frail or fragile./ I feel the song sounds like one story./ I guess that the author wrote this song remembering as he was a child. This song is very quiet and makes me calm. I want to know more about this song./ This song is too difficult for me to understand by listening only a few times. / It is important for us to understand that time never comes back again so I want to do what I can do now./ I think that the “I” is an old father and the “you” is his son./ I felt the song was getting more tender as I listened to it again and again./ There are tow people in the song. They have been a company for a long time./ Thecrow7s feet are the wrinkles people make near their eyes when they laugh or smile. That’s why they sit on the eyes. I felt this song was made for the singer’s wife because the lyrics mention that they’ve spent sixty years together./ I thought it was a sweet song, reminiscing about the old times. Reading between the lines, (not literally!) we can guess that the old couple are still very much in love, and are happy together./ I thought this song was about a long friendship. One of them must have died after December but before July 4th. The number “60” and “59” must be the number of years they spent together./ He doesn’t think that to get older is always bad or awful. Their love is full of thrill./ Lively! / This song has clear airs./ I think that the “you” and the writer are old./ This song is very long, but it has a lot of repeat / This song mends me. I felt great to hear the solo of the guitar at the beginning of this song./ I understood the relation of them when I read all “lines.” Listeners can feel the affection of the singer for his wife./ This song is about himself and about his wife./ This song has very interesting rhythm./

Lineが徐々に変わっていくなあとは思っていたけどまさかしわの数だとは思わなかった。すごい/This song has been passed to children.目尻のしわを数えながら思い出を歌い詩に書き留めている。内容が分かると描写も分かった/line =行としわの掛け合わせがうまいと思う/老夫婦が、孫とか、自分の子どもたちをクリスマスの時に集めて話をしていた場面ということが分かった。自分たちの過去を一つずつ振り返っているのだと思った/Though the sound is very soft, it has very deep meanings./ This song was sung from grandparents to their grandchildren. / 時の流れを調の長短をつけながらうまく歌で表現している/苦労したことも今ではいい思い出、のように言っているような気がしました/イメージがまったく変わりました。きれいでほんわかした暖かい曲でした/自分の人生を深く考えさせてくれる歌だった/淋しい感じの中に温かさ持った歌。辛い思い出も良い思い出に。目尻のシワも過去の記憶の証/line, wrinkle, crow’s feet, frown などしわの表現がたくさん出て来ている/crow’s feetが目尻のシワとわかって、sitting on the prettiest eyesとのつながりがよく分かった。ことばの意味が分かるとより深く理解できる/ Lineにシワの意味があると知ってから聞くと本当に懐かしんでいるんだなというのが良く伝わってきた。多分幸せな若い時を過ごしてきたのではないか/今までの曲の中で比喩や二重の意味を持っていたりと遠回しな表現が一番多いと思った/ 恋人か友人で迷っていたが老夫婦の歌だと聞いて納得した/シワが一つ増えるごとに思い出を語れるくらい思い出の多い老夫婦だと思った。愛情があふれていた/最初の解釈とは全然違って驚いてしまった。That you dieが you should dieにかわっているところがなるほどと思った。時の経過を感じる/ I couldn’t notice that the “you” was a woman who was loved by this man at all./ 子どもたちに伝えている場面がThanks Givingだという解釈は思いつかなかった/家族が集まっている場面で歌っていることを知り、理解が深まった/一つの単語に二つ以上の意味があったとは思っても見ませんでした。思っていたよりもずっと深い意味だったのでビックリしました/主題は prettiest eyesだと思った/恋人と言うことは分かったけれど老夫婦まで気付かなかった。”しわ”という大きなキーワードがあるのだから、そこまで考えられると良かった/ I found it interesting to say a line in many ways./ The lines mean wrinkles, and each has a memory. They are musing over their old memories.//老夫婦の話だという事を知った。歳をとることにマイナスのイメージを持っていないのでメロディーも明るく感じた。私も歳をとって老人になった時にこのように、お互いを思って明るく生活したいと思った/色々なことを二人で乗り越えて幸せになった夫婦のおだやかさが、詩やメロディー、声など曲全体にあらわれていると思う。It seems that the husband really loves his wife./ 老夫婦のどちらかが他界して悲しみに暮れている歌だと思っていたけど、歳をとることをプラスに考えていると気づき、すてきな歌だなと思った/解釈が深い曲だった。このようにあった出来事を書いていく曲の作りも面白いと思った/老夫婦の歌だと知って驚いた。まさか、”Line”がしわを表しているなんて考えもしなかったし、二人が昔を思い出しお互い老けたことを好ましいイメージで歌っているなんて思いもしなかった。歌って面白いなと思いました/全くつかめていなかったけど、すごくおだやかで和やかな雰囲気を持った曲だったのだと知った。いろんな事を若いうちから一緒に経験して、そのまま二人でいるのに、メロディーと同じように詩も明るく優しい感じ。すてきに歳をとって寄り添っている大人たちの話。仲の良さが伝わる詩だと思った。They love each other as ever./ 恋人への感謝と今までの思ひでの歌だと思った。Crack = ひびわれ =年寄りの顔のイメージというのが面白い/I think the lines have their memories./ dieってことばが何回も出てくるからもっと暗い曲だと思っていた/歳をとることはどうしてもマイナスのイメージに捉えてしまうので、この歌の二人のようにプラスに、お互いとも感じられるのが、とてもうらやましく思えた。Lineがoneからfourへだんだん増えていくのも可愛いらしく思えた/二人は運命的に出会ったような感じがして幸せいっぱいの歌に聞こえるようになった/歳をとることをマイナスに捉えないで、お互いしわが増えても、いいことも悪いことも一緒に過ごしてきたお互いがいつまでもいればいいのだと思った/It was interesting that a simple word like “line” had three different meanings. I thought this song was lovely because it makes you feel positive about getting older./ After I listen to this song, I feel like falling in love./ うまくできてる歌だなと思った/I realized that the ‘lines’ symbolize the crow’s feet of the grandma’s eyes. As the lines increase, the number of years they spent increases as well. I also assumed ‘children’ was addressing the general public, but it turns out they were addressing their own children. Now that I know this new information, I feel more close to the singer./ lineの意味が分かると歌詞がとても理解しやすくなった。この歌がThanks Giving からChristmasにかけて家族が集まった時に作られた歌だとしたら、おばあさんたちが子どもや孫を見て、昔を懐かしみつつ、相方と一緒に歳をとっていけることを嬉しく思いながら書いた曲だと思う/二人の出会いから今まで、色々な事が全て目尻のしわとして語られているのだと思った/比喩表現が多く、わかりやすい。There are a lot of metaphors./ “Sitting on the prettiest eye” という表現はとても素敵です、こういう風に歳をとることを思い出が増えていく素晴らしいことだと捉えられるというのが良いと思った/若い頃にお互い深く愛し合って、歳をとってもそれが変わらないなんてとても素敵デス。こういう歌とても好きです!/ユーモアのある面白い歌だった。This song is rhythmical and has good beat. 穏やかな恋…みたいな感じ/今の日本には老いることの素晴らしさを表している歌が少ないなと思った/カラスの足を目尻のしわにたとえている所が印象的だった。この歌詞のような、出会ってから結婚して子供も出来て、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんになってもこんなに愛し合いされるような関係の夫婦になれたらなんて幸せなんだろうと思った/Lineがキーワードだと気付かなくて意味がいくつもあって驚いた。日本ではしわを嫌がる傾向があるので、あえて歌にするのがすごいと思った/I understand that they didn’t think aging is bad./ when you are here でyou’reとしないのは、心を込めているから、このような英語の使い方ははじめて知った/ただ一緒に年齢を重ねてきたのではなく、苦楽を共にしてきたから強い絆を持っているのだということがわかった。日本などとは違って、歴史を重ねることを良いこととして捉えているのが印象的だった。そういう風に日本でも考えたらいいのにと思った/夫婦の今までの道のりのことを歌っているのはわかったが、よいイメージで歌っていることには気付かなかった。Lineのいろいろな意味での使い方がうまいと思った/しわ1本1本に思い出が残っているみたいな感じで、歳をとるのも少しは悪くないなと思った/悲しい歌だと思っていたけど、歳をとった夫婦がお互いを高めあっているいい歌だとわかった/

The Beautiful Southは英国でも、労働者階級に人気のある庶民派の国民的アーチストです。日本では知名度が低いですが、英語が分かるとこのバンドの良さが染みてくるのではないでしょうか。以下、アルバムのチャートを。
Welcome to the Beautiful South (1989) UK No.2
Choke (1990) UK No.2
0898 (1992) UK No.4
Miaow (1994) UK No.6 (今回のPrettiest Eyes収録のアルバム。売れなくてもチャート6位でした。)
Carry on up the Charts (1994) UK No.1 (※ベスト版。The album was massively successful and it is said that 1 in 7 homes in the UK owns a copy.)
Blue Is the Colour (1996) UK No.1 (※放送禁止曲を含む)
Quench (1998) UK No.1
Painting It Red (2000) UK No.2
Solid Bronze (2001) UK No.10
Gaze (2003) UK No.14
Golddiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs (2004) UK No. 11
Gold (2006)
Superbi (2006) UK No. 6

前身である、The Housemartinsの頃より、敬虔なクリスチャンとしての側面と、ひねくれた目で現実を見る天の邪鬼な歌詞とが持ち味と言えます。オリジナルメンバーであった、キュートな歌声が人気女性ボーカルBrianna Corrigan(来日ライブの時は彼女が歌っていました)は歌詞があまりにも辛辣なことに嫌気がさし辞めてしまいました。



The band's music might sound like bubbly, catchy, lightweight pop but Heaton's sour, savage and amusing worldview on everything and anything (alcoholism, religion, sex, politics and, mostly, the down side of relationships) is always lurking beneath the surface of the quirky melodies. The tastes and smells of the local pub are never far away either, with the band gaining a reputation for boozing.

1. I love the band, and I love all their albums in one way or another but miaow is just a little cut above the rest. Each album has a theme I think (drink fuelled, arty, happy, lonely) but this one is the darker album I feel. My favourite song has to be mini correct. The brutal male over female song has the best lyrics possible "So you left me for another pretty face?" "That's not true I left you for one half the human race" is a good example and although some say it is a bit too masculine and not for the easily offended as a female I think it is hillarious and Paul has written plenty of songs that belittle men so I don't feel women should be offended by this song. Sit back and listen to the lyrics. Fantastic. Apart from Mini correct, stand out songs for me are Poppy, Good as Gold (stupid as mud) and especially for you.
Great album, which has two different covers.

2. However, the real reason to buy this album is track five... the beautiful ballad Pretties Eyes. Here we have a love song that deals with characters firmly outside of the key demographic... an idea that would become an archetypical concern in later South songs, such as Perfect 10 and ‘Till You Cant Took it in. This is the first, and best, variation on the theme... a stunning, and certainly undervalued pop classic in every respect of the word.

Task: What are the best thing and the worst thing about aging?