Stevie Wonder初期作品コメント集

The song of the month コメント集 Feb. #1
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Title: I love every little thing about you

Comment: I like this song and the voice of the singer. The best part of my choice is “I’m here to say.” In the part, especially, his clear voice stands out. / I don’t like the kind of sticky at the beginning of the story, but the chorus was easy to hear. This song reminds me of Latin American music./ “And I just want to tell the world that I love you so” is my best part of the song. This part conveys his love so much to me./ I felt the song is snug and he loves her very much./ This song is jaunty and merry. The writer chose positive words. The beginning of the song is my favorite part./ I like the way the singer sings because I can clearly understand and sympathize with his feelings when I have crush on someone. To be obedient to your feelings is very important./ This song seems to sing about happiness. I think that someone who is “not my friend” may become my girlfriend. / This song sings hopeless situations, but the writer tries to overcome the problems./ This song is so light that it pleases me. I wonder who “you” are in this song./ Stevie may be pressed by others, but he remains strong because of his positive thinking and love./ Back sound is really nice. The may be a song of unrequited love. The singer has a very wide range of voice./ The song uses voice percussion and conga, so the sound becomes light. I think the writer wants to eat the sweets in the last part./ This is a love song./ I thought hard about what the last part of the song meant, but I didn’t understand it. They are all sweets, and that is all I can understand./ I like the way Stevie sings. My favorite part is “There’s only one that I place above you. It’s God that I place above you.”/ It is very airy and full of love. So I thought the singer loved “you” very much./ Judging from the phrases “I love every little thing about you baby,” and “Though they say you’re not my friend,” I found that the writer has very strong mind. I like those part best. The most part of the song is all virile, but the last part about confectionary gives me a comfortable, soft and pleasant feeling./ I felt a pure heart of a boy who may want to say “I love you” to a girl. In this song, the boy’s friends appear and they have negative thinking on his problem, but the boy’s affection toward the girl is very strong./ It’s a very peaceful song. It has a sweet and merry melody. It is full of love./ This song is very bright and positive. I think that this is a song about love./ I like Stevie Wonder, but I’ve never listened to this song. I feel nice and comfortable./ The keywords are “love” and “sweet.”/ This man loves the little girl ardently. This intense love seems to flow in the cheerful melody./ I like the rhythm of the song. My guess is that the “I” is a fat boy who really loves candy, and the “you” is candy./ I feel it has good rhythm. I like the phrase “love you more each day.”/ This song has impetus and rigor. I don’t know what is sung in the last part, but I think this is a positive song. / I like the light melody of the song that makes me feel happy. I also like the lyrics. / This singer loves the little girl very much. The voice of Stevie Wonder is so clear and strong that his messages reach us directly. I like his song and his voice very much. / I think this song has a simple message and that the writer wants to tell how beautiful to say “Love” to someone./ I was attracted to the phrase “Though they say that... cause my love is strong” because it sounds really cool. The singer sings his naked mind./ The author may have cried or regretted because he lost a person who he loved, I feel. The “you” is compared to something./ I think the author loves “you” from the bottom of his heart./ The song may be about a man who loved a woman so much that his heart is in pain and he can’t stand it. / The lyrics are a bit easier than the others. / The song sounds very cheerful and brave. I like this dandy background. What is “big old piece of cake”?// I can feel how strong the singer’s love is and how important his partner is beyond his life./ I like the phrased “you’ve made such a happy man out of me.” I can tell how happy he must feel from these words./ I wondered this song is about love. / This song is cheerful. It sets the tone for true love./ Repeated “love” convinced me that the singer loves the little girl very much./ I felt the loves “you” very much. He looks at the world through love and “you,” and believes that his love for “you” is strong. /This song is a typical example that produces the atmosphere of Stevie Wonder./ A boy loves a girl and the girl has an influence on the world of the boy./ Repetition of “I love” in the chorus part is the best. / The author has positive thinking although bad things has happened to him./ The song let me feel a pure feeling that the singer loves someone very much. I can sympathize with the words, “I love every little thing about you.”/ The sound of “about ya” makes me smile./ This song is suitable as the last one for the year. The writer wants to tell something important for him from his heart./ The author loves his little girl very much, so he wants to tell about love. He couldn’t control his emotion, I guess./ He loves a girl very much and probably he hasn’t told her how he loved her./ It was St. valentine’s Day the day before yesterday, so this song really suitable for the season./ I think the melody of the song is airy and the words are joyful./ I feel that the singer is in some happy situation./ This song shows vivid love to me./ This song is full of love. It expresses love by repeating the phrase “I love.”/ It has a very strong, vivid message about how much the singer loves a girl, even if his love might be one-sided./ I felt this song was very gentle. I see this is a love song./ I found that the singer has positive thinking./ The chorus part is upbeat, I like it there. What do the last words of confectionary mean?/ It is a song full of love, expressing his love for the woman who had supported him since they were little. It’s a sweet song (literally, because of the sweets he names in the last part.)/

Noticing: The reason why I like the song is little changed. This song is full of expressions of love./ I like this song above all the songs we listened to. It will probably cheer me up when I’m in such a bad mood. I like the lyrics more than the mood of the whole song./ The “I” longs for “you”. His love is too big. / I think she is very important to him in his life./ In the last part of the song that has “cookie, and pudding,” I felt something like a sweet love. I thought this song is about unrequited love. This song sounded positive./ I wonder why the writer is listing up the names of sweets in the end. I really love this song. My heart beats as if I am in love./ The song seemed like a tale that the writer made up, but I realized that the song might be a true story./ The writer uses present perfect tense for blanks 2 and 6, so I found that he has suffered since he fell in love with her./ The song is sung for his child or the one he loves. The lyrics have the biggest love in the world./ I like this song best of all the songs we’ve listened to this year../ This song conveys that he loves “you” very much./ Now I see how much the singer appreciates and loves his partner./ The lyrics are full of passion but doesn’t seem to have any action. I think the singer is a timid person./ I have no change of appreciation. Now I know I have to be careful about the tense when filling in the blanks./ I feel this song is not only a love song but also a song of triumph. It makes me happy./ I can feel strong and powerful love from the song./ I was able to catch the lyrics well. I still don’t know the last three lines about sweets./ I thought love filled in this song./ he hates this world. However, one exception is a little girl he loves. This love is sweeter than anyone else’s./ I wasn’t able to catch blanks 2 or 6. Both of them have the phrases with an apostrophe. I should take another look at the verb tense./ I like the lyrics and the rhythm. I want to know more exactly about the song./ I suppose that many sweets that appear in the last part are symbols of every little thing about “you”./ I feel happy because I have listened to a lot of English songs in my English class and many of them have taught me something about life. Thank you very much!!/ I found a lot of informal expressions in this song. I think that some sweets in the last part are compared to “you.”/ The last words sound very strange. I can’t understand them./ I was impressed with the lyrics because there are many expressions of the same kind./ I still don’t see who the “you” is. I feel it symbolizes something. It may be peace./ “The world” has an important meaning here and I don’t know what “you” means but I think it is concerned with “the world.”/ It is a very soft song so I like it very much. I want to know what the last part means. Does this man like sweets, or is it just metaphor?/ The other day, when Stevie came to Japan, I saw him on TV. I was surprised how beautiful his singing voice was. / I like this melody because it sounds jazzy and dandy. I like the phrase “I just want to tell the world that I love you.”// For the singer his girl is the one who changed his life to the normal world./ The author didn’t give up. He declared his love to the “you.”/ I see the singer sang about his love. The main character must be so much in love with the little girl. That is why he repeats “I love” many times./ There is a lot of happiness around this singer. So, he thanks for what he has got. His tender voice introduces me into the song naturally../ This song repeats “I love you,” so I really realize how the lyricist feels./ I feel he was forced by his surroundings. I don’t know why some kinds of sweets are found in the last part of the song./ The chorus part is especially meaningful./ When I learned all the decorated expressions in the lyrics, I found this song wonderful./ I felt that the words of the song tuck away every kind of pain and fear in our world./ This song condenses the feeling I want to express in one idea. I wish I had listened to this earlier./ This is really a nice love song. “You’ve saved all the pain the world’s put on me” is the best part./ The writer wants to emphasize his love and he appreciates how his girlfriend encourages him./ The writer’s happy feeling comes across to me./ This is such a powerful song!/ I think I should tell the girl I like how I feel about her./ As I listened to this song again and again, I became happier. I think the songwriter has a girlfriend when he wrote this song./ It is clear that the singer’s love is a very strong emotion, strong enough to cover up all the pain he faces. It’s strange but fascinating how he could be saved from pain just by loving her, not by being loved by her. She must be a brilliant girl. J / The singer loves the earth./ My interpretation remains unchanged. It is a sweet song full of love, in which he expresses his love for the woman who has been with him all his life. It’s the kind of song you’d like to hear at a wedding./

  Your Baby loves you
  He loves every little thing about you
 この曲が収録されているアルバム”Music of my mind”は、後の彼のトレードマークとも云うべきボーカル・シンセサイザーなど新しい「音」の実験が成されたアルバムでもあり、ほぼ全ての楽器をStevieが演奏しています。このアルバムのライナーノートにはこうあります。

"The sounds themselves come from inside his mind. The man is his own instrument. The instrument is an orchestra.


  • There's so much richness to the sound of this album that it's easy to just get caught up in its lush soundscapes. This is still Tamla-beat R&B and pop-funk, but it's something much more; it's complex and interesting in all the right ways. No one sings like Stevie; no one plays harmonica like Stevie; no one one-man-bands it better than Stevie.
  • Music of My Mind was also the first to bear the fruits of his increased focus on Moog and Arp synthesizers, though the songs never sound synthetic, due in great part to Stevie's reliance on a parade of real instruments -- organic drumwork, harmonica, organs and pianos -- as well as his mastery of traditional song structure and his immense musical personality. The intro of the vibrant, tender "I Love Every Little Thing About You" is a perfect example, humanized with a series of lightly breathed syllables for background rhythm.
  • "I love every little thing about you," is also one of my favorites. It is sweet lyrically and musically, and it showcases Stevie's vocal percussion. When his stacked-vocals sings the chorus, "I love I love I love I love every little thing about you," it is hard not to smile and sing along.
  • This record is outstanding; every song has its high moments. I hear myself humming those tunes over and over - more than 35 years after recording. It's a record for all time. Why don't you make it your own soundtrack?
  • This album is quite simply the finest record I have ever heard. Even thinking about songs like "Superwoman", "I love every little thing about you", "Keep on running" and "Evil" gives me shivers. From the opening yelps of "Love having you around" to the awesome gospel of "Evil" this is Stevie Wonder at his relentless best. The quality never diminishes and in my opinion it's much superior to the more hit and miss nature of “Innervisions” and “Songs in the Key of Life.”


  • Happy new year stevie, What the world needs right now is your healing music and your words of wisdom. Please show to the world that love and hope id the best medicine for all our pains.
  • When I die , I do not want to go to heaven unless Stevie Wonder is there making music. Thank you
  • I just want to say that there is a few of new generations that adore Stevie's works. I mean he is Wonder. The man who can't see sees things better then most of the people in the world. That voice of his is absolutely perfect. The rhythm and the beat of his songs is so full of life. I only wish he could sing and play forever...
  • To Stevie Wonder: I hope you one day read this. I want you to know that I think you're the best person on Earth and I firmly believe that you're one of God's chosen ones. Your songs have been a great influence in my 16 years of life. The way you care so much about this world is enough, but when you put it into words, it's so unbelievably beautiful. When people remake your songs, it's never better than when it actually comes from you. Listening to your music is like taking a trip straight into your heart. I don't think I can leave this Earth without meeting the person that I admire most in the world, and I really hope I get the honor of meeting you one day. It's my main goal in life. I don't want to take up any more of your time, but I just wanted to personally tell you that. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. You truly are Wonderful.